Thursday, 4 February 2016

The simple idea of the course is to introduce a variety of perspectives into the history of contemporary art. The title says it: there is not one history, but a plurality of histories. We'll have lectures, mostly visitors, and a closing discussion about each participants' own history.

In addition to being present for the lectures, you need to submit a final essay. For the essay you can take one work, one artist, one school, one theme or perspective from and into the history of contemporary art, (or a choice of significant works, artists, schools) and write about it - reflecting above all what your chosen subjects means to you. The length of the essay is 5 - 10 pages, images may appear but text should be the main body of the essay. The deadline for the essay is 13.5.

This blog is to have the complete program at your disposal, and to gather sources on the right hand side.


14.1. Veli-Matti Saarinen: The birth of the Modern Concept of Art
4.2. Kari Yli-Annala (at Kino Tulio): History of the Experimental Moving Image
18.2. Irmeli Hautamäki: The Concept of Avantgarde
3.3. Teemu Ikonen: History of Contemporary Art from the Perspective of Literature
10.3. Max Ryynänen: Popular Culture and Contemporary Art
17.3. Anna Jensen: Contemporary Art and Gender
7.4. Taneli Viitahuhta: Experimental music and History of Contemporary Art
21.4. Final discussion: My History of Contemporary Art

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